Law Society Audit Support

Leave the bookkeeping to a trained and educated professional so you can focus on what YOU’RE good at doing.

Our Law Society Audit Support includes:

Correspondence with Law Society Auditors

  • We handle correspondence and inquiry request from Law Society Auditors to minimize misinterpretations and ensure deadlines are met on time with the requested documentation.

Spot Audit Preparation

  • Rest assured that you are always prepared for a spot audit. We prepare all monthly documentation so whenever you receive a spot audit, you’re always prepared to answer well ahead of the deadline without disrupting your busy schedule.

Year-End Reporting & Law Society Communication

  • We help you fill out your annual report to your Law Society to ensure its accurate and doesn’t unnecessarily prompt an audit. In addition, we’ll let you know when you should report a trust shortage/overage and how best to communicate that to your law society.