Legal Bookkeeping

Law Societies across Canada mandate a minimum standard for recordkeeping for all practising lawyers. One major requirement is the maintenance of an accurate and up-to-date trust ledger supported by required reconciliations. Our monthly service is specifically geared towards complying with Law Society Recordkeeping Bylaws.

Our legal bookkeeping service includes:

Trust Accounting & Reconciliation

  • We prepare and reconcile your Trust Bank Account & Trust Liabilities down to the penny.

Law Society Spot Audit Preparedness

  • Monthly packages are prepared with several reports that are time-stamped and retained in the event of a spot audit, lowering the Audit Response to only a few hours.

Trust Shortage & Overage Alerts

  • Get notified when you’re Trust Account has a shortage, or an overage.

Legal Billing Support

  • We’re experienced in a range of legal billing systems. Let us help you setup and maintain your legal billing, WIP and client ledgers.